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5 Facts About MIRApeel

MIRApeel is taking the aesthetics world by storm and changing the way skin professionals treat their clients. In fact, over 65,000 clients all over the world experienced the magic of MIRApeel last month alone.

We could try to tell you we're not sure what all the fuss is about, but we would be lying. MIRApeel's magic cannot be denied, and here's why MIRApeel is more than just another skin rejuvenation device...

It's Backed by Science

MIRApeel has been scientifically proven to increase skin permeability, allowing beneficial serums with larger molecules (like Hyaluronic acid) to penetrate deeper into the skin for faster healing and rejuvenation. Additionally, its favorable safety profile, further reinforces its scientific foundation. As a result, MIRApeel is an evidence-based solution for those seeking non-invasive, yet effective, skin rejuvenation.

Six Treatments in One

Unlike other popular treatment platforms that only offer 2-4 different attachments, MIRApeel has 6. They include:

MIRAcupping: Lymphatic Drainage

MIRAbrasor: Hydradermabrasion

MIRAroller: Serum-infused Microchanneling

MIRAxtractor: Vacuum Assisted Extractions


LED Light Therapy

To find our more about each modality, click here.

Completely Customizable

The best part about having six different modalities to choose from is that the treatment possibilities are ENDLESS. We will train you on each attachment, as well as give you the full six treatment MIRApeel protocol, and then the power is in your hands.

The six modalities work to complement each other in several ways, which means you get to decide what is best for your client's skin goals and go from there. MIRApeel truly is the only skin rejuvenation platform you need to give client's the best skin of their lives.

Safe for Any Skin Type & Tone

In addition to treatments being completely customizable, MIRApeel is also safe for ALL skin tones on the Fitzpatrick Scale, as well as any skin type and texture. This means you will never have to turn away any client because you are unable to accommodate their race, age or skin concerns.

*Please note: There are some contraindications that we will go over with you during your demo and training sessions.

Limited to No Downtime

This cutting-edge device offers a safe, effective, and non-invasive treatment option for patients looking to improve their skin's health and appearance with little to no downtime. Some may have some redness after the treatment, but it usually subsides within 12-24 hours, sometimes sooner. Additionally, there is no peeling associated with the treatment, so clients are left with plumped, glowing skin after the initial redness fades.

Are you ready to become a MIRAprovider?

Let us help level up your aesthetic practice with MIRApeel.

Financing plans are available, email for more information.

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