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What Makes MIRApeel Different?

Updated: Apr 25

In today's highly competitive and rapidly growing aesthetic industry, distinguishing oneself among the plethora of skin rejuvenation solutions and providers can be a daunting challenge. Introducing MIRApeel: the German made groundbreaking 6-in-1 skincare treatment platform that is revolutionizing the world of aesthetics and setting a new standard in professional skincare excellence.

Curious to know what makes MIRApeel different from its competitors? Stick around and find out. We promise you'll leave here impressed and probably very interested in learning more...

MIRApeel is Backed by Science

The MIRApeel is a 6-in-1 aesthetic rejuvenation platform uses science-backed technology to help you achieve a flawless complexion for your clients. In fact, in a recently concluded revolutionary case study MIRApeel was proved to be the most effective aesthetic treatment on the market.

The study found that MIRApeel, through combining the powers of hydradermabrasion

and wet-microchanneling to provide a safe and effective approach to skin rejuvenation,

can increase the skin' permeability for allowing beneficial serums with larger molecules (like Hyaluronic acid) to penetrate deeper into the skin for immediate results with limited to no downtime.

The Platform Comes with Six Attachments

MIRApeel comes with 6 modality attachments, unlike other popular skin rejuvenation platforms available that only contain 2-3. What's even more impressive is that the attachments can be used on not only the face, but also all over the body. The six modalities below work together or separately for customized facial treatments fit for any customer.

MIRAcupping for Lymphatic Drainage

MIRAbrasor for Hydradermabrasion

MIRAroller for Serum-infused Microchanneling

MIRAxtractor for Vacuum Assisted Extractions

Microcurrent for Enhancing Product Absorption & Improving Muscle Tone

LED Light Therapy for Reducing Inflammation, Improving Skin Tone and Texture

MIRApeel can handle everything from quick lunchtime services to 60 to 90 minutes luxury skin treatments. The best part? MIRApeel's exceptional versatility equips you

with an array of powerful tools, optimizing your investment and delivering unparalleled

ROI. No matter what kind of skin you have - oily, dry, sensitive - our skincare platform

will work for you. It is truly the only machine you’ll ever need!

MIRApeel Provides Certified Training & Continued Education

We value education above all else. MIRApeel knows that continuing education in the aesthetic industry is important because it allows skincare professionals to stay current with the latest techniques, products, and technologies. We offer certification and continued education because it helps our providers to impart not only a better service to their clients, but also to improve their business. As a bonus, continued education can also helps professionals meet regulatory requirements and maintain their license.

Ready to See What All the Hype is About?

Let us help you level up your aesthetic practice with MIRApeel, the science-backed, 6-in-1 skin rejuvenation platform that is taking the beauty industry by storm.

Financing plans are available, email for more information.

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