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Cosmetic System to simultaneously achieve novel 3D Skin Desquamation  and Fractional Transbrasion™


  1. MIRApeel™ offers a safe, non-invasive, MICRO-PROTRUSION system.

  2. MIRApeel™ offers one of the most affordable & versatile non-invasive 3D Skin Desquamating / micro protrusion system.

  3. MIRApeel™ offers the most powerful, effective, non-invasive SERUM - INFUSION system

  4. MIRApeel™ offers, altogether, the ONLY NON-INVASIVE 3D Skin Desquamation / micro protrusion / Infusion Single Modality in the aesthetic market.

Unique Fractional Transbrasion™ System

Engineered and designed to become a leader, MIRApeel™ introduces the Fractional Transbrasion™ revolution into a vast number of skin-care modalities. It brings far-reaching new features, aiming to make skin care procedures safer with better control. This system is versatile and can offer better results to each user with the added benefit of efficiently cutting-down on procedure time.

Unique Fractional Transbrasion™ System

As a very comprehensive, sophisticated Transdermal Delivery system MIRApeel™ utilizes the following items for perfect performance:


  • High Performance Serums

  • The uniquely patented MIRAbrasor™: a gentle Skin Desquamating hand piece attachment.

  • MIRArollers™: non-invasive micro needling attachments for the safe and effective address of some common skin conditions and aids the appearance of health and youthfulness.

  • MIRApeel™ powerful LED lights* complete each treatment session to enhance users’ satisfaction

*LED lights - Not available in the USA at present.



Fractional Transbrasion™ Desquamating Attachment

MIRAbrasor™ attachment is made of 2 parts:

MIRAbrasor™ is a new, state-of- the-art attachment to the MIRApeel™ system, used  to achieve the safest, most controlled 3D skin Desquamation procedure.


Gentle skin desquamation happens and cool serums flow onto the skin, to bring about the smoothest, and silkiest results!

Every MIRA add-on attachment is unique, individually designed for either Face and Neck or Body area procedures.

NOTE:  MIRA accessories have a standard and universal hook-up design. They are easily connected to the treatment handpieces of most others already existing Dermal Abrasion systems in the market today:  i.e. MIRApeel®, Hydrafacial®, Viora Pristine®,  SilkPeel®,  Dermolissage®, etc.

®Registered Trademarks.

The "Brasor Top"

The Top is easily inserted into the handpiece, which is made for that purpose and connects to the tubing attached to the MIRApeel™.  It serves as a malleable top supporting the transparent single-use “Brasor Desquamating Head”. This helps increase manual dexterity as it glides over the skin. The Brasor Top does not touch the skin and can be used up to six times.

The Single-use “Brasor Desquamative Head”

The Head is transparent, so the user can see the cosmetic serum flow. The skin Desquamating material sits in its center, on the bottom, so it can perform the silky abrasion, as the serums flow on the skin surface. Since it comes in contact with the skin, the Head can only be used a single time and discarded. It is then replaced with a brand-new Head for the next treatment.




Cosmetic Serums

The MIRApeel™ System is an efficient transdermal delivery system. Users apply the MIRAjolie™cosmetic serums through the MIRAroller™ non-invasive micro protrusion or the MIRAbrasor™desquamating attachments, and so actively effect a rejuvenated and glowing look to the skin.  Its use is safe for all ages, genders, types of skins and the many various non-medical skin conditions.

MIRAjolie™ Cosmetic Serums are used for most common skin conditions:

MIRAjolie™ cosmetic products are using highly efficacious ingredients to hydrate the skin, and make it look naturally brighter and smoother.  They are formulated specifically for the MIRApeel™, to be gently and safely applied on all skin types via MIRA accessories.



Non-Invasive Microneedling Apparatus

MIRAroller™ is a non-invasive micro protrusion attachment consisting of our unique tightly placed micro protrusions which debris the skin surface safely and controllably.


More effective NON-invasive infusion - for better results and serum permeation with each pass.


Vacuum Assisted – more of the serum is absorbed.

MIRAroller™ 6-pack consists of:


  1. 6 Attachable MIRAroller™ non-invasive micro protrusion, single-use. uniquely designed. disposable tips (Face and neck or body)

  2. 250 needles on each, 0.25mm length

  3. Office & home use hand-pieces

  4. Beautifully packaged in 6-pack sets

  5. For use by physician at the office

  6. Optionally for retail sale for extended home use


MIRAroller™ COMBO-pack (Face or Body)  consists of:


  1. 4 Attachable MIRAroller™ non-invasive micro protrusion, in single-use, uniquely designed, disposable tips (Face and Neck or Body)

  2. 4 Attachable MIRAbrasor™ Desquamating attachment, in single-use, uniquely designed disposable tips (Face and Neck or Body)

  3. Office & Home use hand-pieces

  4. Beautifully packaged in COMBO-pack sets

  5. For use by Physician at the office

  6. Optionally for retail sale for extended Home use


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