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  • Have You Heard About MIRApeel's Women in Aesthetics Empowerment Program

    Helping clients' achieve the skin of their dreams can be easy with MIRApeel, the 6-in-1 skin rejuvenation platform that is taking the aesthetics industry by storm. That's why we're kicking off International Women's Month with a BANG by giving you the opportunity to branch out and try something new! We know how hard it can be to grow your business, especially if you’re someone who has been in the industry for 5 years or less. So we want to do whatever we can to help you reach your goals. That's why we've launched MIRApeel's Women in Aesthetics Empowerment Program. All women and women-owned aesthetic businesses who have been in the industry for 5 years or less qualify. What is it? We'll help you get started by giving you a free MIRApeel MD + Starter Kit Consumables, a three-month trial period, free training and marketing materials, and easy payment terms. Make sure this is right for you by trying it out for three months—and if it's not, no problem! You can return it at any time during the trial period with no fine or costs. If you love the system like we do, keep it at 50% off retail price and make payments that fit your budget. How to Apply Post an Instagram Reel (or two) telling us why we should choose you & tag us! Don't be afraid to get creative. Winner(s) will be announced on March 20, 2023. Submissions due by 12:00am EST on March 18, 2023. *contest limited to the USA only, and is not sponsored by META or Instagram. Must be 18 or older to enter, some stipulations may apply. Please let us know if you have any questions.

  • MIRApeel: One Machine, Endless Treatment Possibilities

    Are you looking to grow your aesthetic business? If so, it's important to consider how you can get more for your money. You know that your customers are looking for products and services that will improve their appearance. But with so many options available, how do they know which to choose? One of the best ways to stand out from the crowd is by offering something unique. One way to accomplish this is by providing a service that very few others are offering—like the MIRApeel 6-in-1 skin rejuvenation platform. Meet MIRApeel, the Only Machine You Need MIRApeel is a 6-in-1 skin rejuvenating professional skincare platform that can be used in endless ways to help your clients look and feel their best. This revolutionary technology combines a series of different attachments to help lift and sculpt the face, clear out pores, smooth and brighten the complexion, treat acne and acne scars, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, treat hyperpigmentation, improve hydration levels— and more. Since thorough training is provided, MIRApeel has proven to be the perfect fit for both new and experienced estheticians. Six Attachments in One Treatment Platform MIRApeel is made up of six different attachments, as opposed to other treatment machines like only have two or three. They are: MIRAcupping for Lymphatic Drainage MIRAbrasior for Hydradermabrasion MIRAroller for Serum-infused Microchanneling MIRAxtractor for Vacuum Assisted Extractions Microcurrent LED Light Therapy Examples of How MIRApeel Can be Used in Your Practice Not only does MIRApeel have two to three times the attachments, it also has ENDLESS service possibilities. With ONE machine, you are not only able to offer our 6-in-1 "Advanced MIRApeel Treatment", but you are also able to use the six attachments to create your own services. For example, many our current MIRAproviders offer express services with two or three attachments in addition to the advanced treatment. Providers are also given the knowledge to feel comfortable customizing treatments using any combination of the six attachments— there is NO LIMIT to what you can offer with this ONE treatment platform. Are you ready to become a MIRAprovider? Let us help you level up your aesthetic practice with MIRApeel, the 6-in-1 skincare treatment platform that is taking the beauty industry by storm. Financing plans are available, email for more information.

  • Allow us to reintroduce ourselves… we are MIRApeel.

    The 6-in-1 facial treatment platform that is taking the aesthetic industry by storm! Want to be one of the first to bring #mirapeel to your area? Message us to set up a FREE demo✨ #beforeandafter taken by @gosiaskin owner of & master esthetician at @williamsburgbeautyspa … Our NUMBER ONE #miraprovider❤️ #mirapeelglow #estheticianrecommended #skincaretreatment #skincaredevice #skincareplug #medspatreatments #aesthetictreatments #aesthetictreatment #skincaretreatments #clinicalgradeskincare #medicalgradeskincare #facialtreatment#facialtreatments

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  • PRODUCTS | Emiramed

    MIRApeel TM Cosmetic System to simultaneously achieve novel 3D Skin Desquamation and Fractional Transbrasion™ MANUFACTURED BY MIRAMEDTECH UG, GERMANY, FDA CLEARED, CE MARK MIRApeel™ offers a safe, non-invasive, MICRO-PROTRUSION system. MIRApeel™ offers one of the most affordable & versatile non-invasive 3D Skin Desquamating / micro protrusion system. MIRApeel™ offers the most powerful, effective, non-invasive SERUM - INFUSION system MIRApeel™ offers, altogether, the ONLY NON-INVASIVE 3D Skin Desquamation / micro protrusion / Infusion Single Modality in the aesthetic market. Buy Now Financing Program Unique Fractional Transbrasion™ System Engineered and designed to become a leader, MIRApeel™ introduces the Fractional Transbrasion™ revolution into a vast number of skin-care modalities. It brings far-reaching new features, aiming to make skin care procedures safer with better control. This system is versatile and can offer better results to each user with the added benefit of efficiently cutting-down on procedure time. ​ Unique Fractional Transbrasion™ System As a very comprehensive, sophisticated Transdermal Delivery system MIRApeel™ utilizes the following items for perfect performance: High Performance Serums The uniquely patented MIRAbrasor™ : a gentle Skin Desquamating hand piece attachment. MIRArollers™ : non-invasive micro needling attachments for the safe and effective address of some common skin conditions and aids the appearance of health and youthfulness. MIRApeel™ powerful LED lights* complete each treatment session to enhance users’ satisfaction ​ *LED lights - Not available in the USA at present. MIRAbrasor TM Fractional Transbrasion™ Desquamating Attachment MIRAbrasor™ attachment is made of 2 parts: MIRAbrasor™ is a new, state-of- the-art attachment to the MIRApeel™ system, used to achieve the safest, most controlled 3D skin Desquamation procedure. Gentle skin desquamation happens and cool serums flow onto the skin, to bring about the smoothest, and silkiest results! Every MIRA add-on attachment is unique, individually designed for either Face and Neck or Body area procedures. ​ ​ NOTE: MIRA accessories have a standard and universal hook-up design. They are easily connected to the treatment handpieces of most others already existing Dermal Abrasion systems in the market today: i.e. MIRApeel® , Hydrafacial®, Viora Pristine®, SilkPeel®, Dermolissage®, etc. ®Registered Trademarks. The "Brasor Top" The Top is easily inserted into the handpiece, which is made for that purpose and connects to the tubing attached to the MIRApeel™ . It serves as a malleable top supporting the transparent single-use “Brasor Desquamating Head”. This helps increase manual dexterity as it glides over the skin. The Brasor Top does not touch the skin and can be used up to six times. Buy Now The Single-use “Brasor Desquamative Head” The Head is transparent, so the user can see the cosmetic serum flow. The skin Desquamating material sits in its center, on the bottom, so it can perform the silky abrasion, as the serums flow on the skin surface. Since it comes in contact with the skin, the Head can only be used a single time and discarded. It is then replaced with a brand-new Head for the next treatment. Financing Program Mirapeel mirabrasor Mirajolie MIRAjolie TM Cosmetic Serums The MIRApeel™ System is an efficient transdermal delivery system. Users apply the MIRAjolie™ cosmetic serums through the MIRAroller™ non-invasive micro protrusion or the MIRAbrasor™ desquamating attachments, and so actively effect a rejuvenated and glowing look to the skin. Its use is safe for all ages, genders, types of skins and the many various non-medical skin conditions. ​ ​ ​ MIRAjolie™ Cosmetic Serums are used for most common skin conditions: MIRAjolie™ cosmetic products are using highly efficacious ingredients to hydrate the skin, and make it look naturally brighter and smoother. They are formulated specifically for the MIRApeel™ , to be gently and safely applied on all skin types via MIRA accessories. Buy Now Financing Program Miraroller TM Non-Invasive Microneedling Apparatus mirapeel_rd-5720x435 mirapeel_rd-6720x435 mirapeel_rd-8720x435 mirapeel_rd-5720x435 1/3 MIRAroller™ is a non-invasive micro protrusion attachment consisting of our unique tightly placed micro protrusions which debris the skin surface safely and controllably. More effective NON-invasive infusion - for better results and serum permeation with each pass. Vacuum Assisted – more of the serum is absorbed. MIRAroller™ 6-pack consists of: 6 Attachable MIRAroller™ non-invasive micro protrusion, single-use. uniquely designed. disposable tips (Face and neck or body) 250 needles on each, 0.25mm length Office & home use hand-pieces Beautifully packaged in 6-pack sets For use by physician at the office Optionally for retail sale for extended home use MIRAroller MIRAroller™ COMBO-pack (Face or Body) consists of: 4 Attachable MIRAroller™ non-invasive micro protrusion, in single-use, uniquely designed, disposable tips (Face and Neck or Body) 4 Attachable MIRAbrasor™ Desquamating attachment, in single-use, uniquely designed disposable tips (Face and Neck or Body) Office & Home use hand-pieces Beautifully packaged in COMBO-pack sets For use by Physician at the office Optionally for retail sale for extended Home use TM Buy Now

  • eMIRAmed | Home of the MIRApeel Device

    ​ The MIRA ultimate German technology is a comprehensive skincare platform that offers 6 different treatment options, all in one system. It uses unique features, customized accessories, and serums to exfoliate, hydrate, and improve the appearance of the skin. It is clinically advanced and designed to be safe and easy to use. Some of its key features include: Exfoliating the skin Hydrating the skin Enhancing the skin's health and vibrancy SHOP OUR PRODUCTS Join our mailing list, never miss an update Subscribe Now The MIRA Treatment The MIRA treatment is a safe and easy-to-use skincare solution that has been proven to be effective in addressing various skin concerns. Some of its key features and benefits include: W et-exfoliation: removes dead skin cells and cleans the pores Wet-microchanneling: deeply rejuvenates the skin Programmable: can be customized to each user's needs Non-invasive: safe, painless, and bloodless Highly effective: delivers hydration and skin abrasion without downtime or risks Versatile and personalized: can be used to address a wide range of skin concerns Rejuvenates the skin: improves texture and reduces the appearance of wrinkles Smooth, deeper permeation of serums: allows for longer-lasting results What are the benefits for the skin? This system is versatile and can offer better results to each user with the added benefit of efficiently cutting-down on procedure time. Gently infuses most effective cosmeceuticals, deeply, for all types of skin conditions and the powerful LED’s light therapy massage complete each treatment to enhance clinical outcomes. #MIRApeel the ultimate skin therapy HOW TO LOOK AFTER YOUR SKIN? REBOOST YOUR SKIN WITH MIRApeel: Repair, Clarify, Hydrate, Nourish. Scars Stretch Marks Fine Lines Acne Scars Hydration Dark Circles Sagging Skin Dry Skin hyperpigmentation Oily Skin Real People. Real Results LEARN MORE Key Figures 23 Years of expertise 100,000 Treatments provided every day around the world 35 Countries Testimonials "We love the MIRApeel in my Beverly Hills office. It's currently used for its highly efficient hydrating and skin rejuvenation characteristics, as well as lightening age and sun damage, or mild acne on face and back. Soon we'll start our own collaborative research with MIRAMed to expand the scope of MIRApeel Fractional Transbrasion indications to help with other dermatological issues like Melasma and Stretch marks, with strong scientific support of professional photos and data we shall collect on patients. Finally, a device for my esthetician that satisfies all the demands of today's patient! My patients are sending in friends to receive the treatments. They love the treatment!" - Ronald Moy, MD - Moy Cosmetic Surgery Mary Martin, owner of Mary Martin & company: Dr. Goldberg is a believer OUR PRODUCTS Learn more Learn more Learn more Learn more MIRApeel and all MIRA accessories are FDA registered Class I Medical Device Registration Number: 10061845 MANUFACTURER: MIRAMEDTECH UG Heckwiesenweg 1 Konigsbach-Stein GERMANY 75203 Safety and quality is a priority at eMIRAmed Registration Number: 10061756 SPECIFICATION DEVELOPER: eMIRAmed USA, LLC 38 TESLA Irvine, CA 92618 UNITED STATES

  • eMIRAmed | Contact Us

    Hear what our clients say You will love the way you MIRA feel with our product in your business. As an owner of 3 upscale day spas, listen to what she thinks of the MiraPeel Mary Martin, owner of Mary Martin & company: "I am very aware of the benefits of all current dermal infusion, micro protrusion and microdermabrasion systems and can say without question, they all work. Having said that, MIRApeelis clearly a next generation technology with options not seen in either of the other currently widely- used 2-3 devices. ​ My staff - and I - love the MIRApeel device and all of its possibilities. The comparison between MIRApeel and all current dermal infusion, micro protrusion and other existing devices reminds me of some of the comparisons between early lasers and where such technology is today. Today's technology such as MIRApeel has so many options, clear-cut results and a high satisfaction rate. Some of my fellows have started asking me why we even need some of the energy based devices we have traditionally used.. " - David J. Goldberg, M.D., J.D. Director, Skin Laser & Surgery Specialists of NY/NJ "1 single MIRApeel procedure. 3 days after! Thank you Dr. Andie Pearson, Gaiamed, Wilmette, IL" "MIRAPeel is an impressive system of micro protrusion and micro peeling which offers quality and results. Unlike many pen type micro needling systems that seem to tear and rip at the skin, this wet micro protrusion concept is controlled and safe. It brightens the skin, improving clarity and tone. It helps to improve texture while hydrating and nourishing the skin. Support from eMIRAmed has been top-notch and almost as impressive as the machine. My patients love MIRAPeel, and happy patients equal success! READ MORE.. - Evan S. Sorokin, MD - Delaware Valley Plastic Surgery Dr. Goldberg is a believer "TRIED. TESTED. APPROVED! This is a top-notch system for achieving great results! MIRApeel treatment offers a safe, non-invasive treatment, to help reverse aging, improve skin texture, to rejuvenate appearance and even skin-tone and texture for a photo-ready finish. It also can help reduce some discoloration and can have a positive effect on fine lines, stretch marks and some scars. It is a transdermal serum delivery system that uses novel MlRAbrasors and gentle MlRAroller micro-protrusions (wet micro-protrusion), that help repair, clarify, hydrate, and nourish the skin. This is a system that every dermatology office should be eager to offer its patients." - Jessie Cheung, MD "I share most positive thoughts about all current dermal infusion,micro protrusion or other existing devices systems. However, MIRApeel came to this field not to replicate what other devices do, but to be next generation device by innovating with options and features exactly where others have reached a ceiling, technology-wise. With that in mind, the technology is called Fractional Transbrasion. MIRApeel does not mean to be another "me too" MDS, or another a version of the currently widely-used technology. Although, at its base, MIRApeel combines most existing devices best features, MIRApeel offers distinct advantages on a sturdy, sophisticated platform to further utilize and develop the other innovative options MIRApeel treatments, in my clinics, are often combined both before and after lasers, fractional RF, etc, to hydrate the skin from within, (attract more of the energy as a chromophore), and help shorten the healing process As you can see, MIRApeel is a game changer." - David J. Goldberg, M.D., J.D. Director, Skin Laser & Surgery Specialists of NY/NJ

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