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Hear what our clients say 

You will love the way you  MIRA feel with our product in your business.  

 As an owner of 3 upscale day spas, listen to what she thinks of the MiraPeel 

Mary Martin, owner of Mary Martin & company: 

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 "I am very aware of the benefits of all current dermal infusion, micro protrusion and microdermabrasion systems and can say without question, they all work. Having said that, MIRApeelis clearly a next generation technology with options not seen in either of the other currently widely-used 2-3 devices. 

My staff - and I - love the MIRApeel device and  all of its possibilities. The comparison between MIRApeel and  all current dermal infusion, micro protrusion and other existing devices reminds me of some of the comparisons between early lasers and  where such technology is today. Today's technology such as MIRApeel has so many options, clear-cut results and a high satisfaction rate.  Some of my fellows have started asking me why we even need some of the energy based devices we have traditionally used.. " 

- David J. Goldberg, M.D., J.D.

Director, Skin Laser & Surgery Specialists of NY/NJ

"1 single MIRApeel procedure. 3 days after! Thank you Dr. Andie Pearson, Gaiamed, Wilmette, IL"

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"MIRAPeel is an impressive system of micro protrusion and micro peeling which offers quality and results. Unlike many pen type micro needling systems that seem to tear and rip at the skin, this wet micro protrusion concept is controlled and safe. It brightens the skin, improving clarity and tone. It helps to improve texture while hydrating and nourishing the skin. Support from eMIRAmed has been top-notch and almost as impressive as the machine. My patients love MIRAPeel, and happy patients equal success! READ MORE..

- Evan S. Sorokin, MD - Delaware Valley Plastic Surgery

Dr. Goldberg is a believer 

"TRIED. TESTED. APPROVED! This is a top-notch system for achieving great results! MIRApeel treatment offers a safe, non-invasive treatment, to help reverse aging, improve skin texture, to rejuvenate appearance and even skin-tone and texture for a photo-ready finish. It also can help reduce some discoloration and can have a positive effect on fine lines, stretch marks and some scars. It is a transdermal serum delivery system that uses novel MlRAbrasors and gentle MlRAroller micro-protrusions (wet micro-protrusion), that help repair, clarify, hydrate, and nourish the skin. This is a system that every dermatology office should be eager to offer its patients."  

- Jessie Cheung, MD

"I share most positive thoughts about all current dermal infusion,micro protrusion or other existing devices systems. However, MIRApeel came to this field not to replicate what other devices do, but to be next generation device by innovating with options and features exactly where others have reached a ceiling, technology-wise.  With that in mind, the technology is called Fractional Transbrasion.  MIRApeel does not mean to be another "me too" MDS, or another a version of the currently widely-used technology.


  • Although, at its base, MIRApeel combines most existing devices best features, MIRApeel offers distinct advantages on a sturdy, sophisticated platform to further utilize and develop the other innovative options

  • MIRApeel treatments, in my clinics, are often combined both before and after lasers, fractional RF, etc, to hydrate the skin from within, (attract more of the energy as a chromophore), and help shorten the healing process

  • As you can see, MIRApeel is a game changer."

- David J. Goldberg, M.D., J.D.

Director, Skin Laser & Surgery Specialists of NY/NJ

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